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Softball Players #2 in Clinical Depression Among Division I Athletes [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Playing college softball seems to be every young player's dream, and yet we're faced with some alarming statistics. Discover why I think so many division I players have...... Continue

Catching: Benefits of Catching on a Bosu Ball - Art of Coaching Softball [VIDEO]

by The Art of Coaching Softball on

Watch as Coaches Cody Thomson and Maggie Livreri (Univ. of Utah) discuss the benefits of using a bosu ball when catching pitchers.... Continue

Hitting: Sequence to Contact with Tripp MacKay - YSPN360 [VIDEO]

by YSPN360 on

Watch as's Coach Tripp MacKay (Kennesaw State) talks about the Sequence to Contact - focusing on the "load" with the lower half, which leads to... Continue