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Softball Players #2 in Clinical Depression Among Division I Athletes [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Playing college softball seems to be every young player's dream, and yet we're faced with some alarming statistics. Discover why I think so many division I players have...... Continue

2018 Google Cloud Academic All-America Softball Teams Announced [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

The 2018 Google Cloud Academic All-America® Softball teams were announced over a four-day period in June. Each of the four teams- NCAA Division I, NCAA...... Continue

7 Ways to Win More Games [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Everybody wants to win more games, but not everybody has great pitching or power hitting. What if winning wasn't based on that, but instead, on 7 key...... Continue

NCAA Eligibility Center [ARTICLE]

by NCAA on

When the goal is college athletics, the secret to success for many student-athletes often comes down to a simple premise: Knowing what resources...... Continue

Important Keys to Coaching the Female Athlete - Cindy Bristow - Softball Excellence [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Have you ever disciplined one of your softball player's only to have 3 other players mad at you for a week? Or had one of your best athletes not really trying her hardest no matter what you did to convince her otherwise? If so then you really need...... Continue

The Anatomy of Unshakable Confidence [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

Across my decades of learning and education, I have spent a significant amount of time studying confidence. To the point that I believe strongly...... Continue

Early Recruiting Legislation for NCAA Division I Softball Passes [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the NCAA Division I Council announced that it passed legislation establishing September 1 of a prospective student...... Continue

The DO's of Social Media [ARTICLE]

by MaxPreps on

LOUISVILLE, KY - Right now most college coaches can't watch you play. They are busy coaching their own teams and preparing for the all-important...... Continue

Bunt Coverage - Are You Sure Who Goes Where? [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Bunt defense matters when the game’s on the line - and often your season with it. Make sure your team's properly prepared! Bunting will happen in... ... Continue

Helping Pitchers Get Through an Injury [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

As much as we try to prevent it, and as much as we do not ever want this to happen, inevitably at some point we will all coach a pitcher with an...... Continue