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 2-Ball Intense Team Defense [ARTICLE]


2-Ball, keeps everyone, starters, back-ups and coaches, engaged in the drill at ALL times. The concentration needed to do the drill is extremely important. Each player needs to know where each coach is hitting to and what job they have on that hit.... Continue

Receiving Throws for Force-Outs [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

When a ball is hit to the infield, the first-base player sprints to first base in anticipation of a throw to first. She drops the right foot back directly toward first base to allow a direct line to first and turn herself in a direction that...... Continue

Defense - Steal Coverages [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

One of most common flaws in the infield is that little or no communication occurs before the pitch about which players are covering the bases for steals in various situations. You may use option A when the offense does plan A and use option B for...... Continue

Infield Drills - Kim Sowder - Long Beach State [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Players are working on reaction to the ball and getting rid of the ball quickly, as if for a close play. The drill is harder than it sounds. Players will tire and must concentrate more than ever by the end of the drill. You must keep the drill...... Continue

Specific Pitch Drills - Judi Garman & Michelle Gromackil [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Use these drills to develop and feel the finer points of specific pitches. Emphasizing and seeing the visual patterns for each pitch will also help develop the proper release point and follow-through. Pitching under pressure is much more difficult...... Continue

Softball: Game Speed Training with Medicine Ball Throws [ARTICLE]

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Develop your explosive force through contact while hitting and running and at the release point of throwing and pitching. Softball is a power sport, and players need to be able to exert max strength and recruit as many muscle fibers as possible...... Continue

Proper Shoulder Training for Throwing Athletes [ARTICLE]

by Primal Athlete Training Center on

There are two schools of thought when it comes to shoulder training for athletes who throw. No matter what the athlete or the sport, pitchers, quarterbacks, javelin throwers, volleyball players, softball players, you typically get two differing...... Continue

Lessons Learned from Failure are ours to Decide as Coaches [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery on

The worst part, of course, was the look on her face. Shock that I could do this to her, pain that I, who supposedly loved her, could be so insensitive. Tears welled up, and then like a dam unable to bear the weight of water, poured over her...... Continue

Teach Your Players to be Aggressive in Short Game - George Wares [ARTICLE]

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How often have we had a discussion as coaches after a game, and said "We just could not handle their pitcher."? If you are like us, probably more than you would like. In softball, unlike baseball, we have to face the other team's "ace" most of the...... Continue

You Never Stop Scouting Your Opponent - Bill Edwards [ARTICLE]


Bill Edwards' belief in the "game within a game" philosophy is one of the biggest tools in his coaching arsenal. This two-part series detailing this philosophy begins this month with "You Never Stop Scouting Your Opponent" and will conclude next...... Continue