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5 Steps to Improve Your Pitcher's Control [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Softball has gotten much better over the years with college softball more popular than ever, but pitching is starting to fall behind the hitters. Here are 5 things that will help your pitchers improve their...... Continue

Things to Consider When Setting Team Rules [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Most coaches set team rules or expectations. These can help to provide a clear sense of your program's values and acceptable/unacceptable conduct. Sometimes, they can be an insurance policy for a coach - a tangible document that you can point...... Continue

Ingredients for Motivating Players in Practice [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The following are the ingredients for motivating practice perfect softball: Emphasize the fundamentals of the game. Emphasize the execution of each of those fundamentals. Emphasize the feeling of the game, not just going...... Continue

A Throwback Game to Increase Your Players Competitiveness [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Want 500 ways to make your team more competitive? While that might sound like an exaggeration, this throwback game called 500 will transform even the timid. Getting your players to compete is crucial for game success, but we all know how hard...... Continue

4 Ways for Pitchers to Dominate in Games [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Games are starting for many high schools in the warmer locations around the country & for most college teams. Now it's time for pitchers to do well in games & not just practice, so check out 4 ways to make...... Continue

There's Value and Talent at all Levels [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Many of us who coach at colleges and universities often capitalize on the opportunities to work outside camps and clinics in an effort to supplement our income, network and recruit. In addition, many of us are truly passionate about...... Continue

Tips to Teach You How to Hit a Softball Fastball [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

As a longtime softball player and now a coach, I have often noticed hitters struggle to have their swings catch up to the pitch velocity of some of the faster pitchers. How to hit a softball fastball? The key to success, I've found, is having...... Continue

Avoid ACL Injuries in Softball with PREP [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments that provide stability to the knee joint. ACL injuries are most common in sports that require sudden changes of direction or abrupt stops and starts. There are many...... Continue

Interference Rules Can Be Controversial [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Last month we started a series of articles covering the controversial subject of interference. In that article we started breaking down this somewhat confusing rule into its key components: 1. WHO commits the interference (runner, batter, coach)...... Continue

3 Drills for Bunting Under Pressure [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

You're facing a tough pitcher and finally get a runner on 1st, only to have your batter unable to bunt the runner over to 2nd and you end up losing 1-0. Sound familiar? If so these Critical Bunting Drills...... Continue