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3 Slump Busting Drills [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Slumps are one of life's great mysteries, because you can't practice them...or can you? Slumps are things you want to either avoid at all costs, or get...... Continue

10 Tips for Starting Your Softball Season [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

These quick tips will get you ready to make 2018 a success! Lots of things go into a successful softball season. You need talent and luck and...... Continue

3 Keys for Coaching "Kids These Days" [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

It's tough to relate to players that live in a whole different world. Or is it? How to relate to your players in 3 easy steps.... Continue

Getting Inside the Mind of a Champion [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Nicole Mendes just completed her first year of college. It was successful. In addition to earning excellent grades, she...... Continue

Five Concepts Coaches Must Know [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

Most coaches know that in order to succeed, they need tools to do so. Here are five things all coaches must know and implement to take their teams...... Continue

It's The Same Game, But Rules Can Vary [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

Leaving a base before the pitch is released: When a base runner leaves her base before the pitch is released, in NCAA it is a delayed dead ball and...... Continue

How to Avoid Making the 4 Biggest Pitch Calling Mistakes [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Having a pitcher with different pitches is one thing but understanding how to call them, which pitches to use and when to use them is completely...... Continue

Watching for and Avoiding Burnout [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Coaches sometimes joke that there are only two times when they feel stressed-day and night. Although that story represents the extreme case, certainly...... Continue

3 Steps to Overcoming Failure [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Today's generation wants to avoid failure or eliminate it all together, but since failure is part of sports that's not a very realistic approach. Instead...... Continue

How to Change 'I Can't' to 'I Will' and 'I Did' [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

The sky was dark and the storm clouds started to roll in. I wondered if I would be caught in a nasty attack from the skies before I could make it...... Continue