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Travel Ball Format Not Good For The Sport [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

When the high school season changes into the travel ball season in early June, the sport takes a complete 180. We as coaches constantly preach words such as sacrifice and dedication, and on an everyday basis we talk about teamwork. I have...... Continue

Working With Umpires Betters The Game [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Last month we discussed the third team on the field: the umpire crew. Here are some thoughts from an umpire's perspective on how players and coaches can work with umpires for the betterment of the game.... Continue

4 Tips for Coaching Low-Velocity Softball Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Softball coaches like to put pressure on their pitchers to throw the ball fast. After all, the sport is called Fastpitch softball. But not every softball pitcher is built to throw high-velocity pitches. Even those who are, especially younger...... Continue

Using Rules To Gain A Competitive Edge [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Two runners are standing on the same base. Which do you tag? This does not happen often, but when it does, confusion usually reigns. The Brooklyn Dodgers actually ended up with three runners on third base many years ago. So what is the proper...... Continue

Good Coaches Use A Variety Of Strategies [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery - NFCA on

Whether or not to sacrifice with a runner on first base is an individual decision for every coach. Much depends on the inning, the score, who's batting, whether the batter is proficient, how many outs and so on. Coaching isn't easy, but decisions...... Continue

Understanding Leadership on Female Teams [ARTICLE]

by National Fastpitch Coaches Association on

When I was a child my dad (who was a high school teacher) used to say, "Boys are so easy, they just get into a fist fight and get it over with. Girls will hold a grudge for 10 years!" When I say that during presentations at coaches conventions...... Continue

Motivating the Modern Athlete [ARTICLE]

by Dr. Marty Durden, Athletic Director - Presbyterian School - Houston, TX on

Today's athlete is different from years past. The much-publicized generation Y student-athletes (1980's-1999) have moved through college. Generation Z is...... Continue

Playing Sports Prepares You To Pitch Yourself [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

I recently graduated from college and have since entered the "real world" of working. This also means my jersey number has a new home and my locker no longer holds my snacks, four jackets, 10 softballs and six pairs...... Continue

The Anatomy Of A Champion [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Two legs, one arm. Two arms, one leg. A broken collarbone, a sprained knee, a ruptured Achilles, and a sore heel. Blind, deaf, mute, brain injury, cancer, paralyzed. Champions don't all look or feel the same. They don't all walk the same...... Continue

How To Deal With Unsportsmanlike Parents [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Sportsmanship has become a hot topic in today's society. Whether you're watching a little league, high school, club or college game, you see acts of both good and bad sportsmanship on the field and in the...... Continue