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Practice with PRESSURE! - Carol Bruggeman [ARTICLE]


How many coaches out there can relate to this scenario? You feel you have a very solid defensive team, as your athletes work hard on the mechanics and fundamentals of fielding, throwing, and receiving every day. Each member of the team fields 150...... Continue

3 Keys for Constructing vs Destructing Your Players [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

As a softball coach, you're talking to your players all the time. But, are you building them up or breaking them down? Are you constructing them into better players or destructing them into total messes? Learn the 3 keys so you can avoid this...... Continue

Coaching Hitters Effectively Is Hard Work [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

We have broached the subject of hitting a few times in the past, but Smitty notes things are happening which probably should be addressed. How do we train young hitters? There are a variety of ways once we have established things like the...... Continue

Being Alert Can Yield Appealing Results [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery - NFCA on

The purpose of this column is to help softball coaches better understand softball rules and perhaps, by so doing, get a competitive advantage. Appeal plays offer this opportunity. Batting out of order is the most confusing of all appeal plays...... Continue

Pre-Game Scouting Report [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

When possible, coaches should scout their opponent and provide information to their team. When preparing the offense to face another team, coaches should learn specific information about the opponent's players at each position. Figure 9.1 provides...... Continue

Important Keys to Coaching the Female Athlete - Cindy Bristow - Softball Excellence [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Have you ever disciplined one of your softball player's only to have 3 other players mad at you for a week? Or had one of your best athletes not really trying her hardest no matter what you did to convince her otherwise? If so then you really need...... Continue

Lessons Learned from Failure are ours to Decide as Coaches [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery on

The worst part, of course, was the look on her face. Shock that I could do this to her, pain that I, who supposedly loved her, could be so insensitive. Tears welled up, and then like a dam unable to bear the weight of water, poured over her...... Continue

Teach Your Players to be Aggressive in Short Game - George Wares [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery on

How often have we had a discussion as coaches after a game, and said "We just could not handle their pitcher."? If you are like us, probably more than you would like. In softball, unlike baseball, we have to face the other team's "ace" most of the...... Continue

You Never Stop Scouting Your Opponent - Bill Edwards [ARTICLE]


Bill Edwards' belief in the "game within a game" philosophy is one of the biggest tools in his coaching arsenal. This two-part series detailing this philosophy begins this month with "You Never Stop Scouting Your Opponent" and will conclude next...... Continue

Four Guidelines for Any Coach [ARTICLE]


I will be the first to admit that I have been very lucky in this business. My career has allowed me to live a life which most softball coaches can only dream of. I have won national championships, coached All-Americans and served on the USA ...... Continue