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Cultivate a 'WOW' Factor With Your Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Have you ever watched a pitcher and your first thought was, "Wow, that kid can pitch?" I love when I see that. I am not as happy when we are about to play that pitcher, but none the less I love to...... Continue

4 Steps to Improve Fastpitch Softball Pitchers Durability [ARTICLE]

by Softball Coach Online on

The best fastpitch softball pitchers know what it takes to lead their teams to the post-season. In fact, the best pitchers plan ahead to get there. Here are four pre-season habits... ... Continue

5 Steps to Improve Your Pitcher's Control [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Softball has gotten much better over the years with college softball more popular than ever, but pitching is starting to fall behind the hitters. Here are 5 things that will help your pitchers improve their...... Continue

Eligibility and Recruiting Webinar - Dan Eassa [VIDEO]

by Dan Eassa - FreeRecrutingWebinar on

Assist coaches in understanding the ins and outs of Eligibility and Recruiting.... Continue

4 Ways for Pitchers to Dominate in Games [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Games are starting for many high schools in the warmer locations around the country & for most college teams. Now it's time for pitchers to do well in games & not just practice, so check out 4 ways to make...... Continue

Tips to Teach You How to Hit a Softball Fastball [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

As a longtime softball player and now a coach, I have often noticed hitters struggle to have their swings catch up to the pitch velocity of some of the faster pitchers. How to hit a softball fastball? The key to success, I've found, is having...... Continue

3 Drills for Bunting Under Pressure [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

You're facing a tough pitcher and finally get a runner on 1st, only to have your batter unable to bunt the runner over to 2nd and you end up losing 1-0. Sound familiar? If so these Critical Bunting Drills...... Continue

How a Hammer Can Help [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Of all the hitting drills I know, this is definitely one of the best! Not only is it simple, but it makes sense to hitters and most importantly, they can transfer it to actually hitting a ball with a bat (something that many hitting drills don't do!)... Continue

4 Tips for Coaching Low-Velocity Softball Pitchers [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Softball coaches like to put pressure on their pitchers to throw the ball fast. After all, the sport is called Fastpitch softball. But not every softball pitcher is built to throw high-velocity pitches. Even those who are, especially younger...... Continue

A Simple Way to Increase Your Pitch Movement - Cindy Bristow [ARTICLE]

by Softball Excellence on

Pitching is the one skill we can complicate in a second. In fact, people who admittedly don’t know much about pitching will continue talking about all the complicated things they’ve heard others say about it. Perpetuating pitching rumors is common...... Continue