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Producing Hitters at All Ages [ARTICLE]


This article is about training batters to become relaxed, confident hitters. Hitters that are prepared and trust themselves, their teammates and their coaches. Trust is key. Players that trust in the team and staff will be more relaxed in the...... Continue

Training The Mind To Mold Better Hitters [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

We coaches spend enormous time practicing all aspects of the game of softball. Hitting seems to have a great appeal to hitting coaches, and therefore, over the past decades, hitters are able to do things they were not able to do in the past...... Continue

Multi-Ball Hitting Drill [ARTICLE]

by Softball Spot on

Purpose: This hitting drill teaches the hitter to concentrate hard on the right ball to hit. It also teaches the hitter to keep their weight back. Breakdown: The coach has two balls that are different...... Continue

Overcoming the Mental Challenges of Softball Hitting [ARTICLE]

by Softball Spot on

All hitters become aware of the challenge of softball hitting at some time in their career, and many have to rebuild confidence as they move up to higher levels of competition. The hitter must remind herself that her swing is the same regardless...... Continue

Quick Tips To Improve Bunting Skills [ARTICLE]

by Fastpitch Delivery Magazine on

Bunting is one of the simplest, but most often under-taught aspects of our game. Here are some quick tips to help you. First, you want to either be in the front or back of the box. Being in the front increases the chance of the bunt going fair...... Continue

The Mental Game of Hitting [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Hitting is adjusting–adjusting to the pitch, the type of pitcher, the count, the umpire, and the situation. The mental game of hitting begins in practice. In a game, it begins on the bench, continues in the on-deck circle and on the approach to...... Continue

Seeking More Order in the Batter's Box [ARTICLE]

by NFCA on

Who is the next batter? The effect for batting out of order includes wording to identify who should be the next batter after the appeal - and this may be the most confusing part of this rule. If properly appealed, the next batter is the bat...... Continue

Tee Work For Slappers Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Purpose To understand proper hand path and contact points and body positioning for the slapper... Continue

Squeeze Bunt (Suicide Squeeze) [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

One of our favorite plays is the squeeze bunt, or suicide squeeze. This play is a good option when the team has a fast runner on third base and a good bunter at the plate. Some of our best bunters have also been power hitters, and the defense is...... Continue

Seven Tips for Better Hitting - Ken Krause [ARTICLE]


There has been a revolution in the game of fastpitch softball in the past few years - the introduction of powerful and reliable hitting. While it used to be a given that any game between two even halfway decent teams or above would end in a score...... Continue