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Pitching - String Drill - Stacy Iveson - Univ. of AZ [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Stacy Iveson explains and a pitcher demonstrates this string drill. ... Continue

The Three C's of Communication with Millennial Athletes - Bo Hanson [VIDEO]

by Athlete Assessments on

Watch as Bo Hanson discusses the importance of the three C's of communication with millennial athletes. ... Continue

Advertise the mentality you want - Brian Cain [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Brian Cain discusses tips on advertising the player’s mentality you want... Continue

Spin Drills - Mike Stith - Team Mizuno [VIDEO]

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Coach Mike Stith explains and players demo Spin Warm up Drills... Continue

The Why of Drills - George Wares - Central College [VIDEO]

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Coach George Wares explains the importance of players understanding the purpose of each drill... Continue

Pitching Break Points - Beth Torina - LSU [VIDEO]

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LSU’s Head Coach Beth Torina explains a Pitching Break Points Drill... Continue

Giving Signals from the Dugout [VIDEO]

by Softball Excellence on

Cindy Bristow discusses tips for giving signals from the dugout ... Continue

The Rise Ball Grip - Melyssa Lombardi - Oklahoma Univ. [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Associate Head Coach Melyssa Lombardi explains The Rise Ball Grip ... Continue

Rhythm Hitting Drills - Jordan Stevens [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Coach Jordan Stevens explains and players demonstrate Rhythm Hitting Drills... Continue

Change Up - 14 inch Ball Drill - Melyssa Lombardi - Univ. of OK [VIDEO]

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Coach Melyssa Lombardi explains and a player demonstrates this Change Up drill using a 14 in ball ... Continue